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Take the Paws for Parks Pledge

Help us improve the Toronto park experience by taking the Paws for Parks Pledge before the next visit to your favourite Toronto park.

Cleaning Nature

P - Pick Up Poop

I will pick up my pet's waste to keep water bodies in parks clean and to prevent the spread of disease and parasites to other pets and wildlife.

Cleaning Nature
Dog on Leash

A - Always Leash*

I will always keep my dog or other pet on leash in public parks (*except in designated off-leash areas) to protect my dog and the wild spaces and beings we find in Toronto parks and for the comfort of my community.

Training a Puppy

W - Watch Out For Wildlife

I will give the wildlife in my park the respectful space they need to live and forage without disturbance by me or my pet.

Dog Walk

S - Stay On Official Trails

My pet and I will stay on official trails to help to prevent plant loss, erosion and the disturbance of the wild beings that call the park home.

Take the Paws for Parks pledge by filling out the form below.

Thanks for signing up. You'll hear from us soon!

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