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Holding Paw


Isn't this just the "Circle of Life"?

•  No. Domestic dogs are not part of the nutrient system. Meaning they do not take their nutrients from the ecosystem they live in nor return nutrients they have taken from the ecosystem back into the ecosystem.

•  They are "subsidized" predators (we humans care for them). They do not have to fend for themselves and so our City parks support many more domestic animals per square kilometre than they would in a state of nature.

•  This results in inordinate pressure on wildlife who already have challenges surviving in the urban environment, with less and less space to call home.

My dog doesn't....

•  “Chase animals” – the simple presence of our dogs and the smell of their waste can keep wild animals away from the areas dogs frequent. This is one of the reasons it is important to stay on official trails.

•  “Catch/Kill animals” – allowing our dogs to chase wild animals (regardless of whether they are able to catch them) causes them stress and makes them more susceptible to illness and disease. It depletes the energy they need to forage, evade other predators and to breed. 

•  “Do anything” – your dog is perfectly trained, their behaviour is always predictable and they walk by your side no matter what is going on around them. Wonderful! Yet other park users may be uncomfortable with unleashed dogs and this creates barriers to entry to our public parks. It also sets a bad example for other dog owners whose dogs might not be as well-trained.

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